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How to send a text message to a group#


  1. Download a processing model in the epf format
  2. Connect to the service through the assistant built into the processing model or via website. Get API Token and ID Instance
  3. Launch in a browser or thin client and specify connection parameters (API Token and ID Instance)
  4. Scan QR code from your WhatsApp mobile phone. (Chats menu -> All functions icon -> Linked devices -> Device linking)
  5. In the processing model form click the Check connection button. The form status parameter should change to "Connected"

Проверить подключение

Using a processing model in your own configurations#

The processing model has a software interface designed in accordance with 1C development standards. You can build it into your configuration and call the API on the server by initializing an object.


How to send a text message using a processing model#

Отправка сообщения

  1. Go to the Sending Messages tab
  2. Specify the recipient's phone number and message text
  3. Click the Send text button

How to send a text message to a group using your own configuration#

API = Processing models.GreenAPI.Create();
API.ApiToken = "YOUR_TOKEN";
Response = API.SendTextToGroup("", "Hello"); 

The full list of examples#

Description Module
1C demo processing model for WhatsApp GreenAPI.epf
Sources of 1C processing model for WhatsApp whatsapp-api-client-1c