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No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-711 Refactoring of the Sent status sending
2 SW-700 Extended logging of webhooks sent
3 SW-716 Extended logging of incoming messages
4 SW-709 Added the capability to send messages up to 10000 characters Documentation


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-632 Error of getting files to send using the sendfilebyurl method Fixed
2 SW-698 The timeout for sending notifications is not kept Fixed
3 SW-685 When requesting the getGroupData method, group information is not displayed unless you are the admin Fixed
4 SW-695 Error 466 after 3 requests of the CheckWhatsapp method on the Developer tariff Fixed
5 SW-718 Incorrect outgoing message status name Fixed
6 SW-719 Incorrect file name for the recipient when sending using the SendFileByUpload method with an empty fileName parameter Fixed
7 SW-741 The ShowMessagesQueue method does not return all messages to be sent Fixed