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Work with blocking notification is temporarily unavailable#

The incoming block notification shows the blocking fact if the user has been complained about or blocked by an interlocutor.

Usage options#

This notification will allow you to get statistical data on the ongoing mailing.

  1. Mailing list quality indicator. How positively the content was received by users.
  2. Indicates a favorable time for mailing. After mailing for 3 days, the number may have an increased level of complaints, at which point the number should be used normally.
  3. Indicates when you can do a mailing. We recommend that you start mailing again no sooner than 10 days after the complaint level has returned to normal.


  1. To receive block notifications, you need to set the settings in personal account or using the SetSettings method:
  2. Enable the "incomingBlockWebhook" parameter: "yes".
  3. Further track the blocking while the number is bound to the instance.


The format of the incoming webhook is specified in documentation. On the WhatsApp side, there have been changes to the blocking mechanism: the ChatId field now specifies the default chat value "chatId": "".

WhatsApp's algorithms are constantly changing. They are getting better with time. Therefore, the number of safe chat blocking and user complaints directly depends on the account itself. Specifically: