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Channels in WhatsApp#

December 15, 2023

Channels in WhatsApp

What are channels and what are they for?#

WhatsApp has introduced a feature to create channels. This is an opportunity to send out a message to your audience. Opinion leaders, athletes and stars create their own channels. They post messages. People go in, read and subscribe. This is how an audience is built, when you can reach the maximum number of people with one message.

"Our goal is to develop a mailing list service with the highest level of privacy," WhatsApp developers state.

Who can create channels?#

Creating channels in WhatsApp is available in 180 countries at the time of publication. The developers of the messenger are planning to add the function of creating channels for each user. They wrote about it in the official WhatsApp blog.

Features of WhatsApp channels#

A special feature of the channels will be anonymity of administrators, anonymity of subscribers and the ability to edit publications for 30 days. This means that the user's contacts will not know about the subscription to the channel. Contact details of those who run the channels will be hidden from public access. The authors of reactions under publications in the channels will also be hidden. A publication can be changed within 30 days after it appears in the channel. Users will be able to forward publications from channels to each other or to group chats.

A number of messengers already have the function of creating channels. At the same time, the appearance of channels in WhatsApp can strengthen communication between users. And it will also allow setting up new channels for business-to-customer communication because of WhatsApp's focus on the business segment.