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How to make money with GreenAPI#

February 15, 2024

Become a partner

The WhatsApp messenger allows businesses to keep in touch with their customers. Businesses are willing to pay for setting up this connection in the messenger. The GreenAPI service establishes a stable connection between business and WhatsApp, allowing you to profit from creating such a connection.

For this purpose, an affiliate program from GreenAPI with special conditions was created. These terms will help you appreciate the convenience and benefit of using the API features.


After joining the partner program, bonuses will be available to you:

  • Daily billing
    For partners each instance costs 23 rubles per day and this amount can be reduced. Payment for an instance is calculated for the days of use (from the moment of creation to the moment of deletion of the instance). When working under the general tariff plan, the cost of one instance per month will invariably be 690 rubles.

  • Postpayment
    The invoice for all used instances is issued once a month. The invoice must be paid by the 15th day of each month.

  • Volume discounts
    The more clients and used instances, the lower the cost of each instance for the partner.

  • Dedicated servers
    Separate servers are allocated for a large number of instances to simplify the work with heavy accounts. Also on dedicated servers monitoring is carried out individually. And server resources are distributed in the most optimal way.

  • Instance management via API
    This allows you to interact with the service functions in a more stable way.

  • Dedicated tech support channel
    For prompt response to partner requests. As well as full immersion in the issues of interest.

  • Personal manager
    It will allow a partner to understand all the subtleties and functions when working with the API.


You can join a partner program with GreenAPI if you have:

  1. Own CRM system or SaaS solution;

  2. Own Internet service;

  3. A need to exchange messages on WhatsApp.

You will also need to connect more than 50 customers. And make a one-time payment of 10 000 rubles. This payment will be taken into account during further calculations.

How to become a partner#

To become a GreenAPI partner, contact the support team at Or fill out the feedback form on the website in the "Become a Partner" section.