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How Businesses Use WA and the Role of APIs in This Process#

April 22, 2024

Business use WA

WhatsApp is the third most popular messenger in the world and the only one that tailors its functionality specifically for business needs. But how exactly can businesses utilize WhatsApp? Let’s delve into that below.

  1. Customer Service and Support
  2. Marketing and Advertising
  3. Online Sales
  4. Surveys
  5. Event Organization
  6. Status Updates and Information Sharing
  7. Conclusion

1. Customer Service and Support#

One of the most apparent uses of WhatsApp by companies is customer communication. You can register a number on WhatsApp and publish it on your website as a support number. Users will send messages to a single number in the messenger, and integration mechanisms will distribute the messages among support staff using CRM systems. Distributing data in a message aggregator as a CRM system is straightforward, and our GreenAPI service can help receive these messages coming to a WhatsApp number. Technological giants, mobile operators, and other services requiring technical support departments already use this method of interaction with customers.

2. Marketing and Advertising#

WhatsApp can also be used to send messages to clients, notify them about promotions or other marketing events. Moreover, you can send messages without adding the interlocutor to your contacts list. Companies use this to automate sending messages to their client base on WhatsApp. Our GreenAPI service has a SendMessage method, which can be used to send messages in the green messenger. And tips on the website can help reduce the risk of number blocking during distribution.

3. Online Sales#

WhatsApp can launch a full-fledged remote store and engage in contactless sales. Private entrepreneurs can save money on creating an online store. Now, you can send a range of products to a customer's personal messages upon request. Descriptions of the products can be sent using GreenAPI’s SendMessage, and product photos can be sent using the SendFileByUrl or ​​SendFileByUpload method. Adding a payment method link, the customer can purchase the product in the chat without the seller’s involvement. This sales method is used by food outlets or clothing stores that can send an image of the product with a description.

Send file

4. Surveys#

WhatsApp has a polling feature. It can be used by companies to collect opinions from customers. For example, among the audience, you can find out the average age, general preferences, and tastes or conduct an interactive session allowing them to choose the color of a new product line. Surveys help understand the needs or expectations of customers. GreenAPI also has a SendPoll method for sending polls.

5. Event Organization#

When opening a new establishment, you can inform your existing customers about it. This method of distribution will be useful for clients to learn about the opening of a new chain fitness club or a store branch in their yard. The SendLocation. method can send the geolocation of the new place on the map in personal messages.

Send location

6. Status Updates and Information Sharing#

Thanks to WhatsApp's status function, companies can share brief updates, company news, or product information with a wide audience. And the SendTextStatus method provides access to this function.


An ordinary messenger, used by millions of people in everyday life to congratulate each other on holidays, for family calls, and discussing internal collective issues, has become a powerful sales tool. Its proficient use will allow automating and optimizing business processes with maximum benefit for the owner. There is experience of companies that have eliminated consultants or sales departments thanks to the automation of sending messages on WhatsApp and saved significant parts of the budget. Our GreenAPI service is ready to help you save and achieve greater effectiveness in your business.