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Free proxy server for WhatsApp#

February 7, 2024

Bypass WhatsApp blocking

  1. Free proxy from GreenAPI
  2. Setting up iPhone proxy server
  3. Setting up Android proxy server

In early 2023, WhatsApp launched a feature to connect the messenger to the internet through a proxy server. Now, if WhatsApp is blocked in your country, communication with the messenger can be re-established using a secure connection via proxy.

According to the UN, internet disconnection is "dramatic" and has a huge impact on people's lives. They said in their report.

"Internet disconnection has emerged as the digital world has become increasingly important, indeed essential, for the realization of many human rights. Internet shutdowns cause irreparable damage, both materially and in terms of human rights," said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet.

It is also noted that the Internet shutdown threatens the lack of medical assistance at a critical moment. In some parts of the world, people need the Internet to call for medical help in critical situations.

In case of connection through a proxy server, messages and calls between interlocutors will remain secure. Only those who exchange messages will be able to view the content of the messages.

At the moment, officially, WhatsApp supports connection via proxy only with ports 80, 443 or 5222.

WhatsApp also recommends that those who have the ability to do so, look for instructions and join in creating proxy servers. And also recommends sharing the addresses of proxy servers you know with people in countries that may have WhatsApp blocked.

Free proxy from GreenAPI#

GreenAPI have created a free proxy server for you that allows you to connect to the messenger securely and quickly. This will help you stay connected even during WhatsApp connection outages and bypass blockages.

To access WhatsApp through Green-API's proxy server, settings are required:

Proxy host (Proxy Address):
Chat port: 8443
Media port: 8080

Setting up iPhone proxy server#

The proxy server is configured in the WhatsApp app settings under Data & Storage -> Proxy Server.

Proxy settings on iPhone

Additionally it is necessary to specify enabling TLS. The window will appear after clicking on Chat port.

TLS activation

Setting up Android proxy server#

The proxy server is configured in the WhatsApp app settings under Data and storage -> Proxy server settings.

Proxy settings on android

On Android, TLS is automatically activated.

TLS activation